For a long time, Flattrust has attended house viewings on behalf of our customers. In addition to that, we provide them with a detail assessment report. For a sample, click here.
Today, we will share some useful tips Flattrust’s staffs always use whenever attending viewings and assess the properties. With these tips, we hope everyone has a nice viewing and a true understanding of their future home.

1. Take your time

If you have a chance to explore the property yourself, make use of it and do not rush. Also, do not feel pressured by the owner or other viewers. Take your time to carefully assess the rooms, the floor, the conditions of furniture. If you have time, also spend some time to go around the neighborhood to have better insights.

2. Ask questions

Although you’ve already read the caption of the house before the viewing, try to ask questions to confirm the information, especially for rooms with an unclear description. If the owner answers clearly and has nothing to hide, it’s a good sign. But if he/she refuses to respond or is also unclear about the problem, you should be aware. Always clarify everything such as: Are you allowed to use additional storage? Are you allowed to free parking? Pets? Smoking? How many people will share the same kitchen and bathroom?

3. Check the floor and the wall carefully

Floor and wall are ones of the most important of the house. Furniture can be easily replaced or changed according to your interest, but the floor and wall cannot. Therefore, you should pay more attention to these 2 things. 
For floor: What kind of floor is there? Wooden, Laminate or Tiles? Is it hard or easy to do cleaning with that floor? Are there any stains on the floor? Can they be cleaned? Is there any weird sound when you walk?
For wall: Is it full of stains and drawings? Is it currently painted again? Are there any signs of damp? Are there any holes already? Is it good for soundproof?

4. Watch out for the cleanliness of the kitchen and other common areas

If you are about to attend a viewing of a student house in which the kitchen and common areas are shared with many people, assess those rooms carefully. If the kitchen or common area is dirty and unorganized, garbage is not taken out, there can be mice, flies, and fruit-flies, which are going to disturb you a lot during your stay here. Especially in the summer, keeping garbage too long in the house can result in maggots. Trust us, you don’t want that to happen.

5. Take pictures

To prevent yourself from forgetting all the details of the house, you should take pictures of all the rooms and corner that you find necessary to have a second look at. Remember to ask for permission of the owner first. When already having those pictures, you can also ask for a second opinion (can be your parents or friends) to spot the things that you have missed.
Like Flattrust, after evaluating the properties ourselves, we take 360-degree pictures and send to our customers, so that they can view the room themselves and check it twice. In case you cannot visit your future apartment and are looking for some experts in the area, Flattrust will help you with our Flat Check service.
(Reasons why you should choose Flattrust, read here).
Those are the tips that Flattrust always use when it comes to viewings, what about you? Do you have any tips to share? Please leave a comment below to let us know.
Have a nice day.


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