3 Tips for contacting a German landlord

1. Include a paragraph about yourself in your first email to the landlord
What to include about yourself?
Of course, personal details such as name, gender, profession as well as information that are of particular interest to a landlord. If you are a non-smoker and don’t have pets, definitely point this out in your paragraph. Also highlight some of your best characteristics such as tidiness, reliability and good treatment of furniture/apartment.
For students: if your parents are willing to enter the contract too as a safety for the landlord, include that as a statement as well!

2. If you have, bring a recommendation letter from a previous landlord

3. Make sure you are prepared for the first meeting and bring all your documents. In Germany, a lot of landlords also require tenants to submit a document called “Schufa” which provides information on your credibility and financial status.

If you need help or cannot attend a viewing in person, feel free to reach out to us!



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