How to find student accommodation in Aachen, Germany

Recently, Flattrust team has received many questions about how to search for a perfect room for people who are coming to Aachen in the next semester. Our team recognized a demand for specific instruction on housing renting for students since the information provided by universities can hardly cover enough all the means and platforms to search for accommodation, as well as how to deal with frauds and scams on the housing market. Therefore, in this article, we will suggest and briefly discuss different ways to look for a room/apartment/house that match your budget and requirements.

Before starting searching for a room
The “first-of-all” thing you need to do is identifying the requirements you want in the accommodation. The questions such as “How much should the room be for you to afford?”, “How far is it from your school/work/city center you would like the room to be?”, “How big is the space that you need?” and more should be answered by yourself. You should also decide whether you want to rent a private room (room with shared kitchen/bathroom) or a studio (room with your own kitchen/bathroom). It is better if you have a specific range of price, distance, room size and other requirements that you want because it would make room search more straightforward and efficient.

Where to search for the room?
Coming to different ways of searching, we provide you the table below which will show some housing platforms and agencies, their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Websites:

We recommend you to look at the most popular websites for apartments or shared apartments:

For regular apartments www.immobilienscout24.de, www.immonet.de and www.immowelt.de are the 3 leaders in Germany. Almost all apartments available are listed here. If you found an apartment that you like, you can contact the landlord to apply for it. To increase your chances, take a look at our 3 tips for contacting a german landlord! If you are unable to visit and check apartments in Aachen before you sign the contract, because you live to far away, we from Flattrust are happy to help you with that.

Shared apartments
If you want to live together with other people in one flat, so called WG (Wohngemeinschaft), you can find those on www.wg-gesucht.de or www.wg-suche.de. Applying for a WG is much harder, since you need to convince the people that you are the right person to live with. This is a very personal thing. Unfortunately, if you live far away, your chances are much lower. But it is worth a shot, because it can save a lot of money!

2. Studentenwerk

There is also housing provided by the university. You need to apply for it here and it will secure you a spot on the waiting list. The waiting list, however, is very long. The advantage of getting an offer from the Studentenwerk is that you know what you get. Renting from Studentenwerk is secure. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the private market.

3. Facebook groups

Many people also post their offers in Facebook groups. The most important ones for Aachen are:
Suche Wohnung in Aachen (most offers)
INCAS Aachen (not that many offers, but a great group especially for international students)


Some other things you should keep in mind

1. Be aware of scams and frauds

Scammers exist everywhere, even in the Facebook groups or on housing websites. They try to steal money from people who are still new to the area. For more information on types of frauds and how to detect them, you can read this post.

2. Be aware of bad landlords and agencies

As we heard from other fellow students in Aachen, problems with agencies and landlords also usually appear, such as agencies charging a large amount of nonsense and illegal fees or landlords being rude and forcing tenants to pay additional money. Therefore, when deciding to rent any room, you should get to know the agency or the landlord beforehand to avoid the problems.


We hope you’ll find a suitable room for your stay in Aachen!

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