15th April 2017


Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if the landlord denies a check?

> In that case, we will inform you immediately and, of course, you also receive your money back.


Where do you offer your service?

> Flattrust Checks are available in these cities. If you want to book a Flatcheck in a different city, please contact us. We will see what we can do for you.


How long does it take until I receive my information?

> This depends mainly on the landlord. As soon as you send us your request, we contact the landlord to arrange a meeting at the next possible date. This can sometimes be as fast as the same, or the next, day. After our assessment is completed, you will receive it the same day.


When I select the discount package, do I have to know all three rooms or apartments immediately?

> Of course not. You can fill in one, two, or all three objects right away. If you do not fill in all objects, you are still able to contact us later, when you want us to check another room or apartment for you. Your purchase will be saved in our system.