Our vision: A rental market, where transparency, trust and security is no longer dependent on personal presence!


Nice to meet you, we are Flattrust

Flattrust is a young start-up, motivated by the mission to create better renting experience for students in leading cities as Maastricht, Cologne, Bonn, Munich and Aachen.

We were students ourselves in the cites and used to experience a variety of problems raised when searching for a suitable and affordable room/appartment, including scammers, fake address, dirty, overpriced rooms, poor-conditioned apartments, bad landlords with unclear contracts,. and many more. Therefore, our founder Philip Kaulen, started Flattrust as a service for apartment searching and checking, with a view to make these problems solved, or at least, reduced.

Our searching and checking service would be helpful for international students who are coming to the cities, living far away and haven’t had much knowledge about housing in the area. We perform the service with care and responsibility, prioritize the needs and desire of customers. Because, overall, helping them find a perfect home and achieving their satisfaction is what matters most to our company.


We have a belief that “Only students know students best”. Thus, our team consists of dynamic and motivated students and graduates who share aligned goals, have great experience in housing for years and are ready here to help you.

  • Philip
  • Jan
  • Daniil
  • Jenny
  • Scott